Season 32

Rev. Robert Jones

February 15, 2020: Rev. Robert Jones

Reverend Robert Jones is a blues performer from Detroit who tells spell-binding stories through his songs about the African-American experience and the influences of black culture on American music. The opening act for this show: Eric Kilburn.

Joshua Garcia, Sophie Buskin, David Buskin, Aaron Nathans, Michael Rondstadt performing on January 18, 2020 at the New Moon Coffeehouse, Haverhill, MA

January 18, 2020: Double Duo Night

Double Duo:Joshua Garcia & Sophie Buskin and Aaron Nathans & Michael Ronstadt. Double Duo Night with next generation talent! The first duo is comprised of Joshua Garcia and Sophie Buskin. The second duo is Aaron Nathans and Michael Ronstadt. These artist made a huge splash at the latest regional talent showcase for their harmonies, stage …

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