Jim Trick, opens for Kerri Powers on Sat. Oct 22, 2022

Jim Trick

Imagine an experience where an entire audience feels like they are connected to a conversation, whether thru his music or his words, Jim brings a real life perspective, with an engaging and entertaining presence to the room. Joyful, sincere and
magnetic are just a few of the words to describe Jim Trick.
As a child, he was bullied for choosing music over sports, for having a funny last name and for struggling with obesity. Through his experiences he delivers a blend of alternative folk, thoughtful pop, and spoken word.   Influenced by Neil Finn, Bruce Cockburn, John Gorka and Charles Bukowski; Trick takes the acoustic guitar down a path of percussive, support for carefully crafted lyrics.
Boston has welcomed Jim with open arms, as a frequent guest lecturer at The Berklee College of Music and as a solo artist. Jim was featured alongside American Idol’s Alex Preston, by Berklee College of Music for a performance entitled “An
Evening With New England’s top songwriters”.
Jim performs regularly at iconic venues such as Club Passim, Godfrey Daniels, Cafe Lena, me&thee, Berklee’s Cafe 939, and the New Moon Coffeehouse, just to name a few. He has shared the stage with Ellis Paul, Brooks Williams, Susan Werner, Martyn Joseph, Christopher Williams, Antje Duvekot, Vance Gilbert and John Gorka.
Everything you need”, co-written with Christopher Williams, was recently released on Christopher’s album “The City Makes the Man”. Trick and Rachel Taylor co-wrote, “You Might Be Surprised”, a song released on the album “Heartbreak is for
Everyone”, which was produced by Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
His most recent release, Further from the Tree, produced by Michael Pritzl of The Violet Burning, was fully funded by his loyal fan base during a four week “Trick- Starter” campaign.  The album features the song “A Road Called Home” co-written
with Nashville’s Rachel Taylor. It depicts a recent trip in which Jim traveled 10,500 miles all over the United States, not knowing from night to night where he would sleep.
“I needed an epic adventure. In many ways, the song and trip were a line we drew in the sand in terms of how we want to live our lives going forward. In some crazy way, this album is propelling me into a truer version of life, steeped in freedom and satisfying a wild curiosity.” – Jim Trick As a touring member of Banding People Together, Jim also travels all over the United States using music and behavioral science to help companies create collaborative strategies and improve leadership.