Sept 21, 2019 – Don White, Sway opens

Don White photo by Fred Ellert
Don White photo by Fred Ellert

Don White’s life journey has made him a stand-up comic, a singer-songwriter, a storyteller, an educator and a mentor to young poets in his home town of Lynn, MA and around the country. Visit Performer’s Website.

Sway Casey Performance photo by Coleman Rogers at ONCE Somerville
Sway Casey (photo by Coleman Rogers)

Sway Casey is an emcee who wants to make music that you can put on repeat. Music that makes you feel great or at least makes you feel better. Music you can vibe to, music you can connect to, music you can chill to, music you can fall asleep to, music you can drive to, music you can dance to, music you can sway to, and most importantly, music that you can fall in love with.. Visit Performer’s Website.